How to Do a Windshield Repair in Hot Weather

There are several factors that windshield repair technicians should consider when doing a windshield repair in hot weather.

In this video, we talk about doing a windshield repair on a hot day. Remember, if possible, to always do the repairs indoors. Before you begin the windshield repair, it’s important to check the temperature of the glass to determine if it’s within the recommended range. Delta Kits recommends, for optimal results, that you do the repair with the glass between 70 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

At more than 150° Fahrenheit, the windshield in this video is outside the recommended temperature range. Another method for checking the temperature range is by using your hand. If the glass is too hot to leave your hand on, the temperature is outside the recommended range.

Roll down the windows to let the hot air out of the cabin. You can also use the vehicle’s air conditioning system by directing the air through the defrosters onto the glass. You may also use a warm, damp towel to absorb the heat. If you do this, be sure to cover the impact point with a Chip Saver beforehand, so you don’t get moisture in the break.

After these procedures, we recheck the temperature of the glass and find that we’re now within the recommended range. For techs working in shops, remember that UV can still reach the windshield  if the car is in the shade. In the video, the technician shows there’s a UV reading of 300 just inside the door of the shop. After the technician pulls the car further into the shop, the technician shows there’s a UV reading of 0.

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