How to Clean and Maintain the B300 Windshield Repair Bridge Assembly

Learn how to clean and maintain the B300 Bridge Assembly. Proper storage and maintenance of the B300 Bridge will prolong the life of the cup and pump, and keep it ready for your next windshield repair.


  • Remove the air filter from the face of the cup.
  • Scrub the cup face using soapy water. Do not use glass cleaner or alcohol. CAUTION: To prevent liquid from contaminating the pump, remove the cup before cleaning it.
  • Rinse all residue from the cup face.
  • Allow the cup to dry and reinstall the air filter.


Inspecting and Maintaining the Cup

  • First, clean the cup surface according to the directions (See Cleaning).
  • Use a 600 grit or finer sandpaper to remove any glaze that’s built up near the rubber cup. Lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and set the cup face down on top of it. Rotate the cup left and right to gently sand the edge of the cup, keeping the cup and sandpaper flat at all times.
  • Inspect the cup for damage. Inspect the rubber carefully and replace it if there are any cuts, tears or other damage to the cup.
  • Check the air filter. Make sure the cup’s air filter is in place. If not, discontinue use until the filter is replaced.

Inspecting the Vacuum Pump Filter and Seal.

  • Remove the plastic plunger on the pump by pulling it straight out of the plastic cylinder and check to see if there are any cuts, tears, or other damage to the seal at the end of the plunger.
  • Every 200 repairs inspect the seal in the pump to see if it needs lubricant. If so, apply a thin layer of a non-petroleum based lubricant.
  • Check to see that the plastic pump is clean and free from obstruction. If there are any cracks in the plastic or damage to the plunger seal, the pump must be replaced.
  • Check to see that there are no cracks in the plastic pump. Use a magnifying glass and pay particular attention to the area around the nipple that fits into the rubber cup.


Store in your Delta Kits custom fitted, foam tool box to protect the cup face from damage. Be sure to continue to maintain the B300 Bridge.

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