Maintaining the I-100 Injector

How to Properly Clean and Maintain your I-100 Injector

The following video demonstrates the step-by-step process to properly clean and maintain your Delta Kits I-100 injector. Failure to properly clean the injector can make it inoperable. If your injector becomes cured, which bonds the parts together making it stuck, please contact Delta Kits.

This video demonstrates the importance of keeping your I-100 injector clean and free from resin. Typically during the summer, we get a number of calls from technicians who have cured their injectors. This can be prevented by following the proper cleaning techniques demonstrated in this video. The cleaning process is really quite simple, but must be performed properly and consistently.

First, separate the piston from the cylinder immediately after use, and lock the piston in the vacuum position. A fully functioning I-100 injector should slide back and forth smoothly and evenly with ease.

Rinse both parts thoroughly with denatured alcohol.

Remove the parts from the denatured alcohol and set the piston back into the pressure position. Rinse the parts thoroughly once again.

Blow dry or wipe dry with a paper towel. If you use canned air, make sure it’s a type that doesn’t have a lubricant in it.

Store the piston and cylinder separately in your Delta Kits toolbox with the piston in the pressure position. Be sure to keep the lid closed to reduce UV exposure. Failure to properly clean your injector voids the warranty, so please take the extra two minutes to thoroughly clean your injector after each windshield repair. With proper maintenance, your Delta Kits injector will last a lifetime.

An injector can become cured when resin residue is left inside and then exposed to UV light, which hardens the resin. This essentially bonds the injector together, not allowing it to slide back and forth.

The video provides an example of an injector that’s been partially cured. It is no longer fully functional as it cannot be pulled up into a vacuum cycle. It is no longer able to do a proper repair.

The video also provides an example of an injector that’s been fully cured and cannot move at all. The video also provides an example of an injector where someone tried to fix the problem on their own. They have taken extreme heat to it via a blow torch and have damaged the injector. Do not attempt to heat your injector to get it unstuck. This voids the warranty and damages the injector.

The video shows an injector that was pried on with pliers and a vice to try to get it unstuck. As you see, it is now bent and inoperable. This voids the warranty. Again, do not pry on your injector with pliers.

Next, the video shows an example of a fully functional I-100 injector. You’ll notice the smooth operation between the pressure and vacuum cycles.

In the event that your injector becomes cured, do not attempt to take it apart yourself. Contact Delta Kits as we have a policy in place to get you up and running again.

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