Laying a Curing Tab

See how to use Delta Kits Curing Tabs for your windshield repairs. The Delta Kits curing tabs are flat and reusable.

A common issue for a lot of windshield repair technicians is that they aren’t placing curing tabs on the glass properly. In this video, we show how to get optimal results by storing the pit resin bottle upside down, and properly placing the pit resin and curing tab on the glass.

Before starting the repair process, turn your pit resin bottle upside down in your toolbox tray and all of the air bubbles in the bottle will rise to the top. By storing your pit resin bottle upside down, you should minimize air bubbles. We show an example of excessive air bubbles that can occur if the bottle is stored right side up.

At this point in the video, we skip to the removal of the bridge, since all of the air has been removed from the damage during the windshield repair. Notice how the technician places one drop of resin just below the pit. By arching the curing tab back, you can maneuver the air bubbles away from the pit, reducing the chance of seeing an air bubble in the end.

We show the same process from the tech’s point of view in the video. Notice how the pit resin bottle remains upside down. A common mistake made by technicians is they place the pit resin directly over the pit. By doing so, you run the risk of leaving air bubbles in the pit. (Notice the example in the video.) Another common mistake is pushing down on the curing tab after it has been placed on the glass. This squeezes out the resin, preventing the finished repair from being flush to the glass. Do not open your bottle upright. This will negate the fact that you turned the bottle upside down before beginning the repair and create excessive air bubbles when it’s time to place the resin on the glass.

By properly storing your pit resin bottle, and applying the curing tabs properly, you will notice optimal results after each windshield repair.

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