Cleaning the Windshield Repair Injector

See how you can clean your Delta Kits Injector so it will be fully functional for your next windshield repair.

First, separate the piston from the cylinder immediately after use, and lock the piston in the vacuum position. A fully functioning injector should slide back and forth smoothly and evenly with ease.

Rinse both parts thoroughly with denatured alcohol.

Remove the parts from the denatured alcohol and set the piston back into the pressure position. Rinse the parts thoroughly once again.

Blow dry or wipe dry with a paper towel. If you use canned air, make sure it’s a type that doesn’t have a lubricant in it.

Store the piston and cylinder separately in your Delta Kits toolbox with the piston in the pressure position. Be sure to keep the lid closed to reduce UV exposure. Damage caused by a failure to properly clean the injector voids the warranty, so please take the extra two minutes to thoroughly clean your injector after each windshield repair. With proper maintenance you are protecting the investment you have made.

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