Delta Kits Slide Hammer

See the benefits of using a Delta Kits Slide Hammer, a popular, one-of-a-kind tool used in the windshield repair industry. 

The Delta Kits Slide Hammer is the only tool of its kind, making it extremely popular in the windshield repair industry. It's used to create mini bull’s-eyes and can be used as a probe.

First, we demonstrate how the tool can be used as a probe to clean debris out of the impact point of a rock chip. To use the tool as a probe, you must first remove the red safety cap. Then, insert the magnetic tip into the point of impact, or "pit". Then you can remove all foreign matter and loose glass from that damaged area.

Then, we demonstrate how the tool can also be used as a slide hammer. The tool should be used when you need to create a mini bull's-eye in order to terminate the end of a long crack. First, insert the removable magnetic tip into the drilled hole at a 90 degree angle. Next, pull the gold slide back. Then, apply minimal force in a downward motion to create the mini bull's-eye.

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