Windshield Repair Training by Delta Kits

Delta Kits technicians are committed to providing the highest standard of windshield repair training in the industry. Take a look!

Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to offering the highest standard of training in the windshield repair industry.

During the Delta Kits Training and Certification course, technicians are trained to follow ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards), the industry’s best practices.

The video also shows clips of technicians getting some hands-on training with different windshield repairs. Delta Kits Training and Certification covers all technical aspects of windshield repair and will take you from never having completed a repair, to being among the best technicians in the industry.

Delta Kits has two training programs:

  • First, you can attend our training and certification course held once a month in Eugene, Oregon. (Click here for dates) With the purchase of a complete windshield repair system from Delta Kits, you may attend this training and certification course in Eugene within 90 days of your purchase at no charge.
  • As a second option, Delta Kits provides on the road training outside of Oregon during select dates throughout the year. 
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