Repairing Damage with no Impact Point

Windshield damage comes in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy this step-by-step process of repairing windshield damage that has no impact point using a Delta Kits professional windshield repair system.

In this video, we demonstrate how to repair windshield damage that has no impact point.

Before the technician begins, notice he is wearing nitrile gloves.

The technician begins by probing the damaged glass to check for moisture and debris. Once the technician is confident there is no moisture or debris in the damaged area, he proceeds to the next step.

Then, the technician drills half way along the crack, using caution not to drill into the laminate. The technician then brushes the loose debris away from the damaged glass.

After this, the tech applies the bridge to the glass, and injects resin into the drilled area. You’ll note that the resin seeps out of the break on the first pressure cycle, proving resin has displaced all of the air in the break. So, there was no need to do a vacuum cycle in this case.

Once the resin has displaced the air in the break, the technician applies the pit resin, curing tape and UV light to begin the curing process. Once the damaged area is cured, the technician scrapes the excess pit resin off with the razor blade.

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