Cutting Glass

Watch as a Delta Kits professional demonstrates another way to cut laminated glass, using alcohol. This video also illustrates that you never want to place alcohol in a windshield break because it will erode the laminate.

This video features a professional, so please don’t attempt this procedure without proper training.

The purpose of this video is to illustrate that you should never put alcohol in a windshield break for any reason, because it will erode the laminate. To prove that alcohol will erode laminate in a windshield, a Delta Kits technician will actually cut a piece of laminated glass using denatured alcohol.

First, the technician etches each side of the windshield with a tool. Then, he places denatured alcohol in one of the etched areas. Finally, you’ll see how the alcohol erodes the laminate, essentially cutting the glass in two pieces.

Remember, do not place denatured alcohol in the damaged area during a windshield repair.

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