How to deal with a Large Windshield Chip Repair

Is the pit damage to your windshield so big that you can’t get a good seal with your bridge? This video explains how to “cap” that pit so you can go ahead with the repair.

Check the pit diameter. If the pit size is larger than the diameter of the end seal in the injector, a process called “capping the pit” must be performed.

First, clean the impact point.

Apply one drop of pit resin and a curing tab.

Cure the pit for five, full minutes.

Remove the curing tab. Scrape the area to make it a flat surface.

Drill into the capped pit. Be sure not to drill all of the way into the laminate.

Remove the shavings by brushing them away, not wiping them.

Apply the bridge, and continue as though it was a normal repair.

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