Matt Horne Named 2012 Windshield Repair Person of the Year

Delta Kits would like to congratulate Matt Horne of Deco Windshield Repair on being named the Windshield Repair Person of the Year. Announcement of the award was made during the annual Mobile Tech Expo held in January in Orlando, Florida. Peers nominate individuals for outstanding positive contributions to the industry.

Matt Horne founded both Clear Solutions and Deco Windshield Repair in 2006 and currently operates 156 locations across Canada.

About the Windshield Repair Competition

The Windshield Repair Competition (WRO), the “Olympics” of the automotive glass industry, organizes an international competition in order to recognize the best windshield repair technician. Not only does this event bring the best in the business together, but it raises the industry standard for repair. Congratulations on your decision to be part of this international competition.

Before competing, all competitors must agree, comply and adhere with all rules and regulations throughout the competition. The decisions of the judges and organizers are both final and without appeal or contestation. Finally, the judges look for proper procedures, and it is up to each competitor to take each step properly.

Judging areas on the competition floor:

  • Professional Attire (Appropriate/In Good Repair)
  • Customer Greeting
  • Technician Comportment (Professionalism/Conduct)
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Proper Use of products
  • Repair Technique
  • Quality and Appearance of Completed Repair
  • Post Repair Procedures
  • ROLAGS Proficiency
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