How can I remove windshield repair resin from the hood of a vehicle once it has cured?

White european sports car with resin on the hoodIs there a way of removing windshield repair resin from the hood of a car?


Is there a way to remove windshield repair resin from the hood of a vehicle once it has cured?


Once it has cured, the resin is very difficult to remove without damaging the paint. Initially, denatured alcohol can be used to remove resin while it is still in the uncured state (wet). If it has cured we would recommend taking it to a body shop to see if they can remove it without damage. A good way to avoid this in the future would be to use Part #:23015 – Delta Kits Hood Protector.


Preventing Resin From Curing in Injector: How to Properly Clean and Maintain your I-100 Windshield Repair Resin Injector

First, separate the piston from the cylinder immediately after use, and lock the piston in the vacuum position. A fully functioning I-100 injector should slide back and forth smoothly and evenly with ease.

Rinse both parts thoroughly with denatured alcohol.

Next, remove the parts from the denatured alcohol and set the piston back into the pressure position. Then, rinse the parts thoroughly once again.

Blow dry or wipe dry with a paper towel. If you use canned air, make sure it’s a type that doesn’t have a lubricant in it.

Finally, store the piston and cylinder separately in your Delta Kits toolbox, with the piston in the pressure position. Be sure to keep the lid closed to reduce UV exposure. Failure to thoroughly clean your injector voids the warranty, so please take the extra two minutes to thoroughly clean your injector after each windshield repair. With proper maintenance, your Delta Kits injector will last a lifetime.

An injector can become cured when resin residue is left inside and then exposed to UV light, which hardens the resin. This essentially bonds the injector together, not allowing it to slide back and forth.

The video provides an example of an injector that’s been partially cured. It is no longer fully functional as it cannot be pulled up into a vacuum cycle. It can no longer do a proper repair. Read More

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