Have you ever noticed how many resins are on the market? There are resins for the different seasons, resins specific to temperatures, colored resins, waterproof resin, adhesion promoting resin, acid free resin, long/short crack resin, and as well as many viscosities to choose from. With all these choices, how do you know which is the right resin for you? Do you need to buy them all to make sure you prepare for anything that might come your way? As you can see, this could quickly become expensive and overwhelming. Delta Kits believes you only need one injection resin and one pit resin for every type of repair.

There is no need to carry multiple resins on hand. Although Delta Kits offers multiple resins for those who prefer a variety of viscosities, MagniBond is an excellent all-season performer. MagniBond is a Delta Kits’ proprietary formula and is used successfully in a variety of climates and conditions. Locations such as Siberia where the thermometer can drop to a bone chilling -58 °F* use versatile Magnibond. Also, the Middle East, where temperatures sometimes soar past the century mark… Read More