Apps & Websites for Windshield Repair Business Owners, Technicians, & Clientele

We live in a world of computers, cell phones, and tablets. All of these devices use apps & websites to perform the functions and services that you depend upon and that allow many business owners, windshield repair technicians, and clients to function every day.

Businesses need to adapt to be competitive in today’s markets. This article provides windshield repair business owners, technicians, and clients with a current list of apps that may be helpful regarding navigating different areas of the windshield repair field. Let’s jump in!

Invoicing Apps:
  • Invoice by Wave allows windshield repair business owners and technicians to create and organize unlimited free customer invoices and provides credit card processing services.
  • Invoice2Go allows users to create and monitor invoicing and will itemize for tax purposes for around $49/yr.
  • Hour provides invoicing services, time tracking for billable hours, and payment processing for $0-$8/mo.
  • Other invoicing apps include: FreshBooks, Zoho Invoice, Paymo, Harvest, Invoice Manager (free), Invoice Maker Pro (free), Moon Invoice, and many more.

Payment processing apps:

  • Swipe for Humanity there’s a reason this is number one on our list; it’s for the betterment of humanity! Also, Swipe for humanity gives 50% of their profits from credit card processing fees to the cause of your choice. Compatible with computers, tablets, and cell phones.
  • Square is probably the most well-known payment processing app. Furthermore, Square is clean, easy to use, and can be used on computers, tablets, and cell phones. They accept all major cards and charge a flat 2.75% processing fee.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • For example, Slack is an instant messaging platform that allows teams, departments, and whole organizations to organize group conversations or direct messages. Users have the capability to add PDF’s, documents, images, and videos to collaborate on projects and goals. Slack is perfect for a mobile windshield repair business owner who like to communicate with their mobile team out in the field. If a windshield repair technician has a question about a repair, they can snap a photo on their phone, send it to their slack team of other mobile technicians and get feedback quickly. Slack services range from $0-$8/mo.


  • Spark smart inbox instantly shows you what is important and connects to Dropbox and other helpful apps. Spark is for those who love an inbox of zero and to prioritize.
  • Another example, Airmail allows for customization of swipes, appearances, and other actions, making it easier for business owners to stay organized and efficient.
  • Cloud Magic is for business owners or individuals who hate fluff. This app is simple, clean, organized, and easy to use. For those who just want to get the job done.

Services & Repairs:

  • allows clients to search for windshield repair services in their local area. If you are a windshield repair business owner, list your company on here today! In addition, it’s free and only takes a couple of minutes. Why would you ever turn down free advertising for your business? Certified windshield repair technicians who have been both factory trained and certified by Delta Kits are listed first in their state with a Delta Kits Trained and Certified badge next to their company name.
  • Car Minder: this is a helpful free app for automotive repair clientele. From windshield repairs to oil changes and vehicle maintenance, Car Minder aids clients in keeping track of types of service and dates of repairs to their vehicles. Best of all, it’s free!
  • Open Bay: helps prospective clients search and find automotive services in their area. Open Bay has features that allowing clients to compare quotes and rates among automotive repair businesses in their area, book appointments, and pre-pay through the app. If you are a windshield repair business owner, list your company on this app ASAP!

Finally, we hope that you have found this list helpful. Also, for questions regarding specifics about these apps, visit their linked websites. Additionally, for more information regarding Delta Kits windshield repair products or services, call us at 541-345-8554 or visit

**Delta Kits Inc. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way connected with any of the companies above. Delta Kits, Inc. wholly owns and manages Also, and is the only exception.

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