Turn Rock Chips into $$$

Turn rock chips into cash. Watch the video below to learn 3 quick reasons why you should start a windshield repair business.

  1. Learning Curve
    • Little to no learning curve, easy to learn technique
    • Every windshield repair kit comes with its own easy to follow digital manual
    • Unlimited technical support through Delta Kits
  2. Time
    • Takes only 15 minutes or less to complete a rock chip repair
  3. Money


Turn Rock Chips in a money making business starting today.

Expert Q&A: Which System is the Best for Starting a Business?


Which system is best for starting a windshield repair business and what items will I need to purchase as resupply?


All Delta Kits windshield repair systems will provide you with the basic tools and supplies necessary to start a windshield repair business but our best valued system, and the choice of many new and experienced business owners alike, is the EZ-450D.

When first starting your business it is important to have enough supplies to practice and still have plenty of materials to operate. The EZ-450D provides enough consumable supplies to complete 200+ repairs as well as the extra tools most commonly requested by technicians worldwide.

When you are ready to re-supply your system deltakits.com has everything you need. A typical re-supply order will consist of fill resin, pit resinpit polishcuring tabsinjector end sealscarbide burs and razor blades.

The right system for you however…. Continue Reading

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