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Certified Technician SealFinding a competent windshield repair technician should never be left to chance. Help your customers find you. Earn your certification.

The Delta Kits Certified Technician symbol has international trust, respect and recognition for the premier training that it represents. Delta Kits, an industry leader for more than 35 years, certifies windshield repair technicians in all areas of automotive glass repair. Technicians who are successful in completing the Delta Kits training and certification course may display the Delta Kits Certified Technician symbol.Trust, sincerity, reliability, commitment, integrity, competence, consistency Earn Your Certification

Unlike other industry certifications, the Delta Kits windshield repair certification program consists of knowledge-based training as well as hands-on training with technicians who have over 95 years of combined automotive glass experience. Following course completion, certificates are given to technicians who demonstrate proficiency in repairing windshields; pass a ROLAGS™ —Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standards, the industry’s best practices. Pass the written exam with a score of 83% or higher.

Become a Delta Kits certified Windshield Repair Technician by attending the next windshield restoration certification class.

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