Expert Q&A: Will Derma Shield Help My Chlorine Swimming Pool Rash?


Will Derma Shield help with my chlorine swimming pool rash?


Yes it can! Chlorine swimming pool rash can spoil your enjoyment if you are one of the millions who love swimming. While swimming is an excellent form of exercise and enjoyable on a hot summer day there can be a downside to the pleasure of the water and that is the dry skin or rash that can sometimes occur when the chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals irritate your skin.

Chlorine is a harsh chemical and is also a strong oxidant. If it is left on skin for a considerable time, it may cause itching and in later stages it develops as rash on the skin.

How Derma Shield stops chlorine swimming pool rash:

Your skin will be protected from chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals. Formulated to bond to your skin while allowing it to breathe and perspire normally, and then repel a wide range of skin irritants. Will stop the intense itching that sometimes accompanies chlorine allergies. One of the many top quality ingredients contained in Derma Shield is Aloe Vera. This natural plant extract nourishes your skin and relieves sore itchiness. Can be used by swimmers of any age and can be used on any area of the skin. Formulated using only the best ingredients available and is kept free of all fragrances to ensure its compatibility with nearly all skin types.

Here’s a testimonial from a customer who used Derma Intense to get back in the water:

“I highly recommend Derma Shield to anyone with an allergy to chlorine. I recently developed a sensitivity to the chlorine used in my gym’s pool. I was sidelined while I did research to determine what was wrong. The extremely itchy rash took over a week to clear up. In the meantime, I came across Derma Shield on-line and read that other people have used it as a barrier to the chlorine in pools. I have to say it does, indeed, work! I have been back in the water 2-3 times a week without any problems. I am positive that without the application of Derma Shield I would not be able to swim at my gym.”

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