Expert Q&A: Resin to Repair Rear view Mirror that Left a Hole in the Windshield


The mirror on an 08 Nissan Altima fell off, taking a chunk of glass out. There is a hole about the size of a nickel (not completely through the windshield), and the chunk of glass is still attached to the mirror base. Will this resin work to repair it? If not, what do you suggest?


You can fill the hole with plate glass resin or pit resin, cure, scrape and polish to get a smooth surface again. Rather than glue the mirror back on the same spot you can move it to the side about an inch so it is glued to solid glass again. The mirror will hide the original spot so it will not even be noticed and one inch is not enough to affect the viewing area. Just be sure it does not interfere with the visors when they are down.