Expert Q&A: Does Delta Kits Offer a Franchise?


Does Delta Kits offer a franchise?


No. A franchise only protects your territory against other franchisees from the same company but does nothing to protect you from competitors using other repair systems. Franchises generally have requirements for how much product you must buy, whom you must buy it from, and what kinds of products you must use.

In addition, if you want to move or expand your business, you may find that a franchise prohibits you from doing so. Like most business owners, you will work hard to be a success and we see no reason that you should be forced to share your income with Delta Kits or anyone else.

Some windshield repair franchises have only a hundred or so franchisees, while Delta Kits has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. In our opinion, a franchise has very little to offer the windshield repair industry.


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