Every day for the past couple of weeks, Delta Kits, sales and customer service reps have taken calls. These calls are from customers who are upset about Safelite’s most recent ad campaign. It’s also been a hot topic on windshieldrepairforum.com  I must say I’m a bit perplexed by the negativity surrounding these ads, especially since many of our customers admit they have seen an increase in requests for windshield repair since the inception of the Safelite ads.

Having started as a one-man windshield repair company, I’m no stranger to the challenges faced by independent windshield repair technicians. But, I’ve also learned to look for the silver lining in every cloud that comes my way.

The Commercials

On the positive side, Safelite’s ads have dramatically increased consumer awareness of the windshield repair industry. Also, their commercials dramatize the most common way damage occurs to a windshield. Publicizing this in a way that has not seen before. Read More