Top Wise Crack News of 2016

It’s hard to believe that we are winding down another year of the Wise Crack! Thanks for being with us every month. In case you missed an issue or two, we’ve compiled a list of the most-read articles from the past year.


  1. HUD Systems a Growing Centerpiece in Automotive Windshield Designs March 2016
  2. UV Lights for Windshield Repair February 2016
  3. Headlight Polishing using Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound January 2016
  4. Delta Kits Teams up with Living Water to Provide Safe Drinking Water to Families in Honduras and Zambia April 2016
  5. Delta Kits Refurbished Items for Sale on Ebay May 2016
  6. Tech Tip: Choosing the Right Windshield Repair Bridge March 2016
  7. Tech Tip: Choosing the Right Windshield Repair Bridge Part Two April 2016
  8. Tech Tip: Choosing the Right Carbide Bur May 2016
  9. Testimonial from El Dorado Windshield Repair January 2016
  10. Apps & Websites for Windshield Repair Business Owners, Technicians, & Clientele September 2016
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