10 Marketing Tips

As we flip the calendar to February, it’s still not too late to set some business goals for the new year. This practice has proven to be very beneficial, regardless of the size of your business. Longtime marketing professional Jim Connolly discusses, in his marketing blog, the importance of taking a realistic yet optimistic approach to the new year. It starts by first examining last year’s business results and then investigating options for improving strategies and tactics for the year ahead. He goes on to say that it takes more than just being optimistic that the upcoming year will be a great one; you have to take it a step further and explore new ways to grow.

Here are 10 marketing tips to blow the lid off your business potential in the new year.

1. Stop copying your competitors. Really. Stop it.

2. Think big. No, bigger than that.

3. Stop aiming for perfection. Aim for your best. Read More