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Attract Windshield Repair Customers

Successful repair professionals are easy to find online and offline. Finding new customers is just as important as completing quality repairs. Here we give you some tips on getting started.

Publish Your Windshield Repair Business on the Web

Listings in specialized quality industry directories such as can also improve your website search engine ranking. Create a Google My Business listing so your listing appears when someone is searching for a windshield repair technician or windshield glass repair. Listings that have a logo,and photos receive more post engagement than those that don’t.

View the video below for instructions on how to set up your Google My Business listing.

Publish your listing on Yelp and Facebook

Create your listings and attract positive reviews. For many local businesses, ranking well on Yelp can lead to substantial number of leads. Think about the steps you go through before you decide on a vendor. How do reviews affect your decision making process? Chances are you choose the vendor with the best reviews over the one who doesn’t have very many or who has poor reviews. Apply that same approach to how a potential customer is making their decision.

Partner with related businesses

Car washes, oil change stations, repair shops, car dealerships, fleet vehicles. Instead of doing the repairs in-house, often times will contract out the work.

Create your own windshield repair website:

For local businesses, Google local search rankings are more important than regular Google search rankings. Creating a professional looking website allows you to be found when potential customers are searching for a vendor to get their windshield repaired. If you are Delta Kits Certified, proudly display the certification seal on your website to instantly gain trust with your customers.

Pay for search engine ads:

Some businesses may supplement their traffic with paid ads although this could be expensive or provide bad ROI if not handled correctly.

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Increase your online visibility and leads

85% of internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. Having a strong web presence is important to allow those users to find you.

Grow word of mouth and referrals

Offer an incentive and ask for a review on your facebook, yelp or google places page. An incentive could simply be a free coffee card at a local coffee shop or a discount the next time they need a repair.

Continue learning how to best market your business:

Participate in the Largest Windshield Repair Forum and get tips from other professionals on tactics that work the best for them not only in promoting their business but also in completing repairs.

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