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This windshield repair training is a hands-on, intensive, one day course designed to take your repair quality to the next level. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, this class is right for you!

Choose a Training Date at Our Factory Location in Eugene, Oregon:

You can attend our training and certification course held in Eugene, Oregon. The cost of the class is $100. With the purchase of any complete windshield repair system, you may attend this training and certification course in Eugene within 90 days of your purchase at no charge.

Obtain a windshield repair certification SEAL

Proudly display the Delta Kits Certified Technician seal on your site to instantly build trust with your customers.

Who would you choose to fix your windshield, a business that has technicians who have completed a training class or one that has no certifications?

Research shows that 81% of consumers conduct online research before deciding to buy and on average visit three sites before deciding. Stand out from the crowd by having your hard-earned certifications on your homepage.

The seal is clickable and takes the customer to a professionally built Windshield Repair Certification Page that provides even more information about your certification and encouraging them to use a Delta Kits Certified Windshield Repair Technician.


“Bruce is a FANTASTIC trainer and a huge asset to the company. He presents Delta Kits VERY well and how an excellent demeanor and attitude. I loved it! I brought my whole team down for a special class that Delta Kits did just for us. The crew is feeling more confident and skilled, ready to go make more money. My investment with Delta Kits has already had returns in my guys confidence and passion for what we do.

Brad Brockbank
Rocket Chip Repair”


“My training experience with Delta Kits in Eugene, OR was one of the best training classes I have ever attended. From the first time I walked into the door until I left, I was over shadowed with a professional staff. The onsite training was incredible. Bruce McDonald a Delta Kits training instructor is a highly motivated individual dedicated to each student. To be able to have immediate access to an instructor to answer questions and to guide you every step of the way in the Windshield repair business is invaluable. No training DVD or video can ever match this type of classroom experience. I left with assurance I can deliver the best for my customers and feel confident they will only receive the highest quality of work from me. I would recommend this training to anyone considering a business in auto windshield glass repair.

EJ Brand
Troy, ID”

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Improve your skills and confidence

  • Significantly reduce the learning curve in windshield repair.
  • Set your expectations for what a professional high quality windshield repair should look like.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Great business startup information and advice.
  • Learn the in’s and out’s of insurance billing.
  • Get a leg up on your competition by learning the marketing techniques of established, successful windshield repair companies.
  • Learn correct windshield repair techniques first, or unlearn bad techniques.
  • Networking with your fellow technicians.
  • Become factory certified by Delta Kits.
  • Use of the Delta Kits name and certified technician logo to enhance credibility.

Instantly increase trust with your certification

Instantly build trust with your customers by displaying the Delta Kits Windshield Repair Certified Technician symbol on your website. Choose the logo and size below that best fits your needs and simply copy and paste the source code onto the backend of your site. When a customer lands on your homepage, and clicks on the Delta Kits Certification Logo they will learn more about the quality of windshield repair training that you have completed, increasing their trust in you.

Network with other professionals in the industry:

Attending a training class is a great way to learn about the industry and network alongside fellow technicians who may be looking for the answers to similar questions that you may have.

Delta Kits is host to the world’s largest windshield repair forum.

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