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R. Belk November 28, 2023 I’ve tried quite a few pit polish. This one definitely gives the best finish with minimal effort. I will be purchasing again.

J. Watson September 18, 2023 I do all the orders for the mechanics that work on the school district buses, and your products are the only ones they ever ask me to order!

Bob S. March 3, 2023 The products are awesome!!! Total quality!! very pleased! The customer service I received, was number #1 Thank-you!

James W. January 2, 2023 This is great for the price and for any type of crack or repair.

Richard O. November 8, 2022 great service and fast delivery! the perfect thickness for our injection and pit resins.

Amy N. October 3, 2022 the resin is very thick but filled my plate glass void, so I would recommend considering this option of repairing instead of replacing.

Drew B. July 4, 2022 Our speciality is long cracks and the 500 cps resin works perfect on them.

taulant r. February 17, 2022 Thank you for offering the thicker resins. Of course it works wonderfully. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

taulant r. February 17, 2022 Works wonderfully. A low viscosity resin should always be on hand when it is needed. No one documents their resins more throually that Delta Kits. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

Darius H February 8, 2022 We love these things!! They help us track invoices and supplies, IMO they are a must have for any dealership.


H. Lee September 10, 2023 I recently purchased Auto Glass Repair Kit (EZ-350D) and I was very impressed with the overall experience. The delivery was fast and efficient, and the product arrived exactly as described. The packaging was also secure and professional. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the kit. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to repair auto glass.

Fraser M. November 10, 2022 I followed the step by step instructions and the repair turned out flawless. Also, I saved $1,000 by repairing the glass.

Willie P. October 10, 2022 With 11 years of windshield repairs under my belt, I can honestly say, this is the BEST KIT I have ever used. I was able to watch the resin fill the cracks and remove all air from the chip. I would always recommend this product for price and results.

Nick A October 9, 2022 The two repair bridges help me save time when I have multiple repairs and the clarity on the resin is top notch!!!

David J. September 6, 2022 their video does a good job showing you the steps. I have done three repairs now and each one has gotten better.

Jha'Quan J August 7, 2022 The training video was helpful but I was able to Facetime with Korey and gained confidence after 2 repairs.

Michael T. August 7, 2022 The kit is easy to use and effective

Braden W. June 6, 2022 The process sounded complicated and I was overthinking it, but their technical support FaceTime'd me and walked me through each step.

A. Williams September 2, 2021 I successfully repaired a small chip on my windshield with this repair kit. The instructions were easy to follow and the kit includes everything that you need. The end result was really good, as if the chip never happened.

C. WEBB August 24, 2021 It worked perfectly! The training video is easy to follow, the repair process works easily, and all of my repairs came out prefect.


Jeff R. June 6, 2019 I love this product. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was and the results were impressive. The price was excellent too.

Courtney C. April 27, 2019 Clear instructions, easy to use, and great results.

Dan P. October 6, 2018 My car’s headlights have been yellowed and murky for over a year and I’ve used countless products and solutions to try and restore them. They got so bad that I had to use my high beams to even see in the dark. I’m so happy I finally tried the Infinity 4.1, as it is the only product I’ve found that makes a difference.

McKenzie S. November 13, 2016 I'm excited about Delta Kits tools that will help simplify windshield repair and headlight restorations. Less time consuming and you can make some serious cash! Thanks Delta Kits!!!???

Brian . October 30, 2016 The end result , perfect!

Andrew E. October 24, 2016 The best part is the kit is complete with everything you need in one place you don't have to carry multiple kits.

Randy M. September 26, 2016 Well rounded kit. Training video was nice. Has everything you need to get going.


Anthony V August 14, 2023 I actually bought a centering tool online to go with the kit that I purchased from a 3rd party. All the products I purchased are good quality and work as described. Great customer service too!

Anthony V August 14, 2023 I actually bought a centering tool online to go with the kit that I purchased from a 3rd party. All the products I purchased are good quality and work as described. Great customer service too!

Terrion A June 10, 2022 The cup is very soft so no extra pressure is added to the glass and the injector does all of the work for you.

taulant r. February 17, 2022 I've owned and used them all. The injector is so darn simple in its design but so effective! The pressure potential is insane compared to my experience with other designs. No more O-rings. I'm so glad Korey pointed me in this direction. I currently use the B150 because it fast to install and when your finished, flip the lever and it gone. Thanks Delta Kits. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

Tanner P. October 10, 2019 We switched to this bridge since it has a top loaded injector and because it has one end seal (no o-rings)

David H. May 17, 2019 compact and can reach anywhere on the windshield

Mohammed M. June 20, 2018 Works great and we were able to add our logo to it.

. October 19, 2016 Very easy to use

Donald C. October 6, 2016 Just started using this bridge ... seems to be ok ... use to using US WINDSHIELD PRODUCTS ... learning curve.

peterauto h. October 4, 2016 This product really comes in handy!!

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