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Windshield Repair Launch Pad

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This is the extra service and guidance you’ve been looking for – and it’s only $200 for 5 sessions with our experienced staff to help you get your business up and running. Along with the free content downloads and video tutorials, here’s what you can expect from your 5 sessions:

Session 1

Learn the essentials to start your windshield repair business, including signing up with the networks, creating a business plan, and more. Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Session 2

Learn one of the important aspects of your windshield repair business - insurance billing. We’ll walk you through the setup process and guide you through making your first call.

Session 3

Learn the best ways we’ve found to market a windshield repair business. We want to help you get your name out into your area… and start making money.

Session 4

This session is dedicated to building your goals for your business. We’ll be running through our business timeline with you as well to help shape your business’ future.

Session 5

This session is all dedicated to you and your business. We want to know how YOU are doing, what questions or issue you may have come across, and how we can help.


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