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Profit Worksheet for the Delta Kits System


Average repairs with included resin (2 ounce initial supply in EZ-450D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System)

      $65 National average revenue per repair
$13,000   Gross Income
$13,000   Gross Income
- $1,365   Retail price of  EZ-450D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System (02/19)

Gross Profit (before restocking)

$245   Cost of resupply order (resin, end seals, tabs and polish) for minimum 200 repairs
   ÷ 252   Average number of repairs from resupply order
$1*   Average cost per repair (*actual average cost is $0.97)
$65   National average revenue per repair
 -     $1   Average supply cost per repair
     $64   Profit x 4 repairs per hour = $256.00 per hour -or- 6,400% Profit

Make More Money with More Windshield Repairs

  • Earn $256.00 per hour profit with a double bridge system!
  • Repair just one windshield per day, five days per week to generate $16,900 in annual income.
  • Repair ten windshields per day to generate $169,000 in annual income!
  • Labor time is only about 10 to 30 minutes per repair so by using multiple bridge assemblies, it is possible to complete 20 repairs or more, in one day!
  • Most insurance companies will waive the comprehensive deductible and pay the entire cost of the repair. Almost anyone can achieve high quality windshield repairs, with only an hour or two of practice and using a Delta Kit professional windshield repair system is simple, fun and profitable. Can you afford not to own a Delta Kit?

*Based on 14 drops per repair (Magnibond) and 1 drop per repair (Pit Resin). Approximately 1,000 drops per ounce (Magnibond) and 280 drops per bottle (Pit Resin).

**Calculations do not include labor cost and are intended for illustration only. Results vary by user depending on sales & marketing efforts of each individual, as well as the level of skill developed.


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