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There are over 248 million vehicles on the road today which puts the estimated number of vehicles with repairable windshield damage between 24 and 30 million. With an average price per windshield repair of $55, the total annual market for windshield repair is between $1.3 and $1.6 billion. The vast majority of vehicles older than 6 years are in need of headlight restoration, this market is also significant.

Achieve higher profit with windshield repair

Windshield repair and headlight restoration are highly profitable services with low up front and marginal costs. (The cost per windshield repair is $0.97 and $6.58 per set of headlights restored) See Profit Worksheet for the Delta Kits System for a breakdown. 

Be your own boss or create an additional income stream

Low material and start-up costs make windshield repair and headlight restoration extremely profitable opportunities, whether they are offered as stand-alone services or as add-ons to your current business.

Use the best windshield repair tools in the business

Delta Kits professional windshield repair kits are highly respected for quality, affordability, durability, and ease of use and come with everything necessary to achieve professional quality windshield repairs. Because we do not add unnecessary bells and whistles, our systems are actually faster, uses less glass repair resin per repair, and cost far less than other windshield repair kits. You’ll earn back your investment with a Delta Kits system before having to restock your supplies.

Get support from the Delta Kits team and community

Windshield repair and headlight restoration are easy to learn and deliver with the help of the Delta Kits team and community. You may learn from hands-on training, free video tutorials, customer only video tutorials, other training materials, website chat, expert Q&A’s or call Delta Kits directly at +1-541-345-8554. You may also engage other professionals on the biggest windshield repair forum, get listed on the largest windshield repair directory and sign up to receive the most circulated monthly windshield repair publication called WiseCrack newsletter.


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Bring more money home

With the ability to make $100 per hour with such a low investment, how can you afford not to own a Delta Kits Windshield Repair System? If you are not ready to give up your current job, you could start by completing repairs outside your regular work hours to generate additional income. When the demand for your services picks up, then you could switch to completing windshield repairs full time.

Enjoy the work freedom and the outdoors

Many windshield repair professionals like to run their own windshield repair businesses not just because of the income but also because they get to control their work hours and travel outside a single windshield repair office.

Complete faster repairs

When you complete fast quality repairs, you build credibility and are able to service more customers at once. To help kick start your business, it is important that you use quality equipment and resin and know how to properly use it. If you research different options, you will see that Delta Kits systems are simpliest to use and the best in the market. To help speed up the learning curve, we offer hands-on training. Prior to our factory training classes, many windshield repair techs said they had limited rock chip repair knowledge. Then after the class, leave confident that they can perform high quality repairs in as little as 15 min.

Receive support and encouragement

Not knowing anything about the industry and not having any windshield repair experience may be intimindating. However, one big reason why existing customers choose Delta Kits is because of our continued support. We are here to help and are available to walk you through a repair or answer your questions. Just pick up the phone and call, or even email with any questions. That's something that's hard to come by in today's market.