Windshield Repair Bridges

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The durability of Delta Kits bridges is unparalleled. Stainless steel, aircraft aluminum and glass filled composite parts are used for all major components to provide years of trouble free service. Question? Text Us.

Which bridge is right for you?

Terrion A June 10, 2022 The cup is very soft so no extra pressure is added to the glass and the injector does all of the work for you.

Dennis C. February 17, 2022 I've owned and used them all. The injector is so darn simple in its design but so effective! The pressure potential is insane compared to my experience with other designs. No more O-rings. I'm so glad Korey pointed me in this direction. I currently use the B150 because it fast to install and when your finished, flip the lever and it gone. Thanks Delta Kits. Dennis Craven / The Crack Cat / Wichita KS

Tanner P. October 10, 2019 We switched to this bridge since it has a top loaded injector and because it has one end seal (no o-rings)

David H. May 17, 2019 compact and can reach anywhere on the windshield

Mohammed M. June 20, 2018 Works great and we were able to add our logo to it.

Marc R. October 27, 2016 A very clear detailed instructional DVD. Have a notebook ready, and take notes to keep with you in the field. The times for curing, vacuum and pressure cycles are important for a successful repair.

Jeromy M. October 19, 2016 Very easy to use

Donald C. October 6, 2016 Just started using this bridge ... seems to be ok ... use to using US WINDSHIELD PRODUCTS ... learning curve.

Peterauto H. October 4, 2016 This product really comes in handy!!