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Billing Insurance Networks


Hi, I am looking into starting a new mobile glass repair business and I have heard there are companies that will actually take care of billing insurance networks for me per cost of invoice. So, my question is how do I find those companies, my Google search always brings me to the insurance networks. Thanks for any and all help


A majority of insurance work goes through SGC and Lynx, which are Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s). You will need to register with them, so you can get a Shop ID Number. Once you have that, you can do the billing yourself or use a company to handle your EDI submissions for you (see attached).

Network/TPA Name:
Registration: Download application and mail. New shop form
Claim Submission: mail, EDI Provider, Online Direct, Part 1, Part 2

Network/TPA Name:
Registration: Website Application
Claim Submission: Fax, EDI Provider (If using Lynx EDI, software purchase required. Other fees may apply.)
EDI Provider with Direct Deposit

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