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Can the inside layer or lite of glass be damaged?


Can the inside layer or lite of glass be damaged and if so, how do you repair it?


Occasionally, the layer of glass on the inside of the windshield may be damaged and can be difficult to recognize. Typically, the cracks will appear thinner, shinier, and not as dark as the cracks on the outer layer of glass. You should always use your steel scribe to check which side of the glass the cracks are on by moving the point lightly across the crack. If you can feel it, you know the crack is on that side. If you cannot feel the crack on the other layer, but you are still having trouble filling the crack, it may be that the inner layer of glass is damaged, but the cracks do not go all the way through. In these rare instances, the damage may not fill properly. Some technicians will drill all the way through the laminate or drill from the inside of the vehicle to complete the repair, but those techniques are not advised or endorsed by Delta Kits.

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