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What kit is best suited for our needs?


I have a small fleet of gravel trucks and pickups that I want to preform window repairs on in our shop. I want to be able to repair rock chips and window damage that may spread, but I have no experience in doing so but want to have the convenience of doing the repair in our facilities. What kit is best suited for our needs?


All of our systems repair any type of damage on laminated glass. However, you get the most bang for your buck purchasing the 36021 EZ-450D system. The savings on this system are nearly $200, and you receive sufficient supplies to cover your practice repairs, along with plenty left over to complete repairs on your fleet vehicles. All of our systems carry free tech support during regular business hours, training materials, and all the basic supplies necessary to complete a repair from start to finish. Choosing the right system can be difficult, and we would be happy to chat with you to make that decision simpler.

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