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Getting My Headlight Restoration Business Started



Love your site, articles and looking to one day try out your headlight kits. My question for you is this.

Currently unemployed and looking into getting my headlight restoration business started. Have only done my lights as I do not know anyone where I live. No family or friends. So only my car is the set example so far.

How do I go about marketing myself? I’d like to be mobile and to possibly get in the fleet service or maybe check out private used car dealers to offer my services to.

I have some generic business cards as I have yet taken the step to create a DBA and register my name since I have zero customers at the moment.

What do you suggest?

PS: I notice you guys dry sand headlights. Any reason why vs wet sanding?


I would consider getting a business name, creating a website and social media accounts (IG, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Once you have those in place, get some work shirts and business cards. Afterwards, I would visit places that you would like to work with.

Regarding wet sanding. Our sanding discs are designed for dry sanding. Wet and dry sanding works but the water used during wet sanding can create somewhat of a mess.

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