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Which system is best for starting a windshield repair business?


Which system is best for starting a windshield repair business, and what items will I need to purchase as resupply?


All Delta Kits windshield repair systems will provide you with the basic tools and supplies necessary to start a windshield repair business, but our best valued system, and the choice of many new and experienced business owners alike, is the EZ-450D. When first starting your business, it is important to have enough supplies to practice and still have plenty of materials to operate. The EZ-450D provides enough consumable supplies to complete 200+ repairs, as well as the extra tools most commonly requested by technicians worldwide. When you are ready to re-supply your system, has everything you need. A typical re-supply order will consist of fill resin, pit resin, pit polish, curing tabs, injector end seals, carbide burs and razor blades. The right system for you, however, is somewhat dependent on your business model and of course your budget. We encourage you to call a Delta Kits sales representative for more in-depth assistance on this important decision.


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