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What size burs do you recommend for general chip repair?


What size bur do you recommend for general chip repair?


The 26020 Tapered Carbide Bur is “Delta’s Choice” for general chip repair because we feel it functions as the best all-around bur. It is a fast-cutting, extremely durable, tapered bur that can be used in just about any situation that might come up. The Tapered Carbide Bur is the perfect size for drilling the ends of cracks because the tip of the Spring Hammer fits neatly in the hole, and “pops” a perfect bull’s-eye nearly every time. This is the only bur recommended by delta kits for use with the spring hammer and slide hammer. It must be noted that choosing the right bur is much like buying a car: some people swear by a Chevy, and others will buy only Fords.

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