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Dynamic Rock Chip


What do you do with a dynamic rock chip? I say that because I was filling a chip, and it would only fill if I rubbed the inside of the window. When I stopped, the dark shadow would reappear in the legs. This was all done under pressure. I tried my best, I did minimize the chip but did not get all the black shadow that I would have liked to out. Worked on it for 1 hr. I changed my seals bc I thought my bridge was not holding the pressure. I also drilled a little. Hope this makes sense

  1. Below are some things that should help you with every repair. Even with those stubborn dynamic rock chip.
  2. Get centered over the break
  3. Clean the impact point with your scribe to remove any loose glass or debris.
  4. When injecting your resin, make sure it’s all the way down the injector barrel, so it goes in the break.
  5. Make sure the glass is within the recommended temperature range (70 to 100 degrees)
  6. Take your time and go through multiple pressure and vacuum cycles.
  7. Look at the damage from multiple angles (move your feet and look around, don’t stand in one spot looking at it).
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