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Fixing Minor Surface Blemishes


I have a couple of straight line scratches in a windshield, approx 2 to 3 inches long. Also, some minor surface blemishes, and several tiny chips maybe the size of a grain of sand. Will any of your resins work for these applications? It seems like these resins are intended for real cracks. But after watching many crack repair videos, I imagine cleaning then filling these low spots with a resin and topping with a curing tape to hold in place relatively level. Finally, scrape the excess with a sharp razor.

Even if it doesn’t result in a completely invisible repair and if it reduces the depth and smooths it out, it seems like it would make it look better and keep dirt out.

Thanks for any advice.


A polishing head and cerium oxide is great for removing minor surface blemishes and rub marks on glass surfaces, and we recommend coating the surface of the surface pit with injection resin first (the injection resin will wick into fine scratches and imperfections). Next apply one drop of pit resin (the pit resin is formulated to provide a very hard, smooth cured surface to provide maximum resistance to weather, wiper abrasion, chemicals, etc.). Lastly, apply a curing tab (it blocks the oxygen at the repair site) and cure the damage with a UV light.


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