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Rock Chip Gets A Flower Shaped Watery Look


Why do my repairs sometimes get a flower shaped, watery look to them?


Excessive heat and/or pressure may cause the glass to separate from the laminate, allowing the resin to flow out past the border of the original damaged area. This problem is most common in very hot climates and in breaks such as bulls-eyes and large combination breaks but may also occur at the end or along the edges of a crack or star break. Sometimes called the flowering or the daisy effect, it is not a structural concern but can be visually unappealing. Try cooling the glass prior to repair and using less pressure during hot weather conditions. Covering the break with a Delta Kits’ UV shield for a few minutes prior to attempting a repair will help cool the glass when shade is not available. It is not usually necessary to heat the glass if the air temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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