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Can heated windshields be repaired?


Can heated windshields be repaired?


There are three types of heated windshields that we are aware of. One type heats only the wiper area by using grid lines on the inside layer of glass. This type of windshield can be repaired if with no adverse affect. If a grid line is broken by the damage in the glass, it will no longer function properly even after you have completed the repair. Another type of windshield is heated by tiny wires inside the layer of PVB between the two lites of glass. This type of windshield can be repaired successfully however if the PVB is damaged, which normally it is not, the area of the damage will not be heated. The third type has a coating on the inside of the outer layer of glass. The windshield manufacturers have recommended that this type not be repaired, as it is possible that it could cause damage to the electrical system. Although we have witnessed several successful repairs on this type of windshield, we always suggest following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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