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Will warming the glass speed up the repair?


Will warming the glass speed up the repair?


Yes, warming the glass will often speed up the repair by thinning the resin and allowing it to flow into the cracks quicker. Be sure not to overheat the glass, as this can cause the glass to expand, thereby closing the cracks. This will give the illusion of a good repair, but when the glass cools, it may reappear. Overheating can also cause a watery look called the “Daisy Effect”. If the glass is too hot to hold your finger on, it must be given time to cool before removing the bridge assembly and finishing the repair. To lessen the chance of creating a Daisy Effect, do not heat under pressure. However, every break is different, and it may be necessary to heat under pressure on certain stubborn repairs. Start cautiously and add more aggressive techniques as necessary.

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