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Can solar glass be repaired?


Can solar glass be repaired?


There are two types of solar glass. 1: Batch solar glass has the solar protection material added to the liquid glass during the production process and may be repaired. Most vehicles utilizing solar glass use batch solar glass. 2: Solar coated glass features a transparent metal/metal oxide coating on the inside surface of the outer glass. Solar coated glass is produced by PPG and is identified with the name “Sungate”. The manufacturer does not recommend repairing solar coated glass because when air comes into contact with the solar coating, the glass may start to delaminate, creating a weak spot and causing the glass to become unsafe. Testing by Delta Kits has proven that repairing solar coated glass increases the strength of the damaged area significantly, but we always suggest following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Repairs to severely damaged solar controlled windshields may leave a white ring around the outside of the repair. If drilling is necessary, do not drill all the way through the first layer of glass, as the solar coating may be further damaged.

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