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Do wax and soap affect the quality of a chip repair?


Do wax and soap from car washes affect the quality of a windshield rock chip repair?


Yes, wax and soap may influence the quality of a rock chip repair. Some soaps and waxes contain agents that help reduce water spots. Some of these agents react with the resin, causing it to “rise” out of the break after it is cured. Generally, this problem does not show up for several hours or even several days, and it is virtually impossible to detect before starting the repair. Small percentages of hydrophobic coatings are also sometimes used in car washes. The difficulties this causes and the solutions for these issues are answered in another discussion about Rain-X and other hydrophobic coatings. To avoid this issue, use a Delta Kits dust blower or compressed air to blow out any soap or wax residue in the break before you start. Most office supply stores sell small cans of compressed air. Using an air compressor is not recommended unless fitted with filters for moisture and oil. Regulate airflow to no more than 20 psi if using an air compressor.

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