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How do I repair a break on the inside of a windshield?


How do I repair a break on the inside of a windshield?


Before you attach the bridge assembly to the glass, you must screw the plunger into the injector body and set the plunger to the pressure (down) position. Place the tip of the injector against a hard, flat surface and apply pressure to the top knob of the plunger until the tip of the plunger moves about ½ way through the seal. To make this task easier, lubricate the inside of the seal with a drop of resin before you start. With the plunger in place, turn the bridge assembly over and fill the remaining space in the seal with resin. Now pull back slightly on the plunger to create a vacuum that will help hold the resin in place until the bridge is in place. Be sure not to pull the plunger to far or the resin will run out the other side of the injector. Attach the bridge assembly to the glass and position the injector over the break and proceed as usual. When you apply the vacuum cycle, do not pull back the plunger and lock it in the vacuum position, or the resin will run out the backside of the injector. Instead, turn the plunger counterclockwise a couple of turns, always being careful not to allow it to back completely out of the seal. Alternate between the pressure and vacuum cycles by turning the plunger clockwise for pressure and counterclockwise for vacuum. It may take a bit longer and require more cycles to complete the repair, so leave plenty of time. Windshield repairs on the inside of the windshield are uncommon and require some practice to be successful. They can also be messy as done incorrectly, so always protect the interior of the vehicle in case of resin leakage.

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