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How long does the rock chip have to dry out prior to repairing?


I do windshield repairs and have bought your products. My question is: if the windshield is wet from raining, how long does the rock chip have to dry out before a repair can be performed? And can I shorten the time by using a heat gun?


The Delta Kits Moisture Evaporator (Product # 24430) is designed to bring the water in the glass to the boiling point. If you put a mirror on the inside of the glass and preheat the moisture evaporator until the element is red-hot, then place the tool directly over the impact point (touching the glass), you should see the water begin to bubble in 10-15 seconds depending on the size of the damage. A few seconds later, the bubbles stop and the break is dry. Total dry time is typically 17-20 seconds, again, depending on the size of damage. That is why the instructions recommend a 20-second heat cycle…it almost always “completely” removes the moisture.

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