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Why won’t the windshield repair resin cure?


Why won’t the windshield repair resin cure?


Resin needs 2 things to cure. Lack of oxygen and 365nm UV light. There are many possibilities to consider, but the most common reason will surprise you. Many types of sandwich wrap, cellophane, etc., actually block ultraviolet light. Be sure to use Delta Kits brand curing tape, tabs or strips for best results. If you are using a UV light to cure the resin, be sure the batteries are fresh. 90% of the lights sent back to Delta Kits for repair simply need new batteries. If the batteries are good, try a new bulb. If these solutions fail to remedy the problem, try curing the resin in the sunlight. Is the issue is in the circuitry of the light, call Delta Kits for a return authorization. (This is very unusual.) Contaminated resin is the least likely of all curing issues, but it has been known to happen. Never return used resin to the resin bottle as it can contain a variety of contaminates from the glass surface.

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