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Can a rain sensor windshield be repaired?


Can a rain sensor windshield be repaired?


The glass and laminate of a rain sensor windshield are exactly the same as any other windshield. Rain sensors are small and are attached to the inside of the glass, so the windshield itself may be repaired without any adverse effect. However, the amount of light reflected through the glass controls the sensor, so if a rock hits at the very point where the rain sensor is attached, it could cause the rain sensor to malfunction. Even after the rock chip is repaired, it is likely that the light refraction in the repaired area will be different from the undamaged glass. Some vehicles, such as those manufactured by General Motors, have rain sensors that may be moved to an undamaged area if necessary. Other vehicles utilize a different design that necessitates the location of the rain sensor to be in a small opening in the paint band. A rock chip in this area will often require the replacement of the windshield to restore the functionality of the rain sensor. Mercedes and BMW are among those that use this design. Tests have not shown that performing a repair in the rain sensor area will have a negative effect on the operation of a properly working rain sensor, nor have tests shown that repairs in this area will improve the operation of a dysfunctional rain sensor.

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