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How many rock chips repairs in a one bottle of windshield repair resin?


On average, how many repairs in a one bottle of windshield repair resin?


I will assume you are using a Delta Kits Bridge and injector. Delta Kits recommends 14 drops when using our glass pipette dropper and 7 drops if using our older style plastic pipette dropper. (The dropper volume is different between the glass and plastic dropper) It is very important that you dispense the resin as deep as possible into the injector barrel when using in a top loaded injector, as is the Delta Kits’ Injector. Now back to your original question, by using the guide above you can expect a minimum of 50 rock chip repairs from a 15ml bottle of resin. Cracks are a whole other topic, no good answer for that, too many variables. If referring to a 7ml of Premium Pit Resin, well over 100 repairs

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